Ro: Inspirat din Natura este tema mesei Pascale, acest mix and match jucaus de simplitate si decor natur care – ziu eu – a iesit mai frumos decat as fi putut planui. Senin si luminos, ideea acestuia mi-a venit citid despre satul traditional romanesc si stransa comuniune a oamenilor simpli cu natura. Vezi tu, este ceva atat de frumos si special despre natura care nu poate fi nicicum povestit, ci doar simtit. Liliac alb si lacrimioare au fost florile preferate pentru acest decor in contrast cu duritatea lemnului neslefuit. Un servet lucrat de mana, borcane infasurate cu sfoara natur, farfurii albe si pahare de cristal au fost tot ceea ce am folosit pentru a crea acest look senin. Biserica ortodoxa sarbatoreste in acest weekend sarbatoarea Pascala – o diferenta de timp mare fata de catolici – si o vom sarbatori cu mancare traditionala si cu un decor frumos. Un Paste fericit si linistit va urez!

Eng: Inspired by Nature is the theme for this year`s Easter table, this playful mix and match of simple, native decor that I think it turned out better than I initially planned. Bright and serene, the idea came to me when I was reading something about the Romanian traditional village and it`s close relationship with nature. You see, there is something so special and so beautiful about nature you can`t really explain and just feel. White lilacLily of the Valley were the prefered flower choices white raw wood to give it a little bit of texture counterbalance. A hand sewn traditional Romanian table runner, simple white plates and clear crystal glasses was all that I used to creat this serene look. For The Orthodox Church this weekend is Easter – big time gap between this and the catholic one – and we will celebrate it with traditional food and beautiful setting. Have a beautiful one!

Cu mult drag, Miruna

decorul mesei Pascaledecorul mesei Pascale decorul mesei Pascale decorul mesei Pascaledecorul mesei Pascale  decorul mesei Pascale decorul mesei Pascale

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