Eng: White crisp Scandinavian decor in a 50 sqm in an apartment in Sweden with light and raw wood floors, cozy setting and a fireplace is what I picked for today`s post. Unlike most scandi apartments this one ditched the trademark white floors and chose a natural wood finish that gives it quite a warm feeling. Quite a few pops of color throughout the apartment, we can even see 4 Biedermeier chairs with floral fabric kept their natural finish.

Ro: Un decor scandinav de un alb imaculat intr-un apartament de 50 mp din Suedia cu parchet deschis natur si cu o atmosfera super cozy este ce am ales astazi pentru voi. Fata de majoritatea apartamentelor scandinave, aceste a renuntat la podeaua alba tipica stililui lor si a ales un finisaj deschis, natur care ii da o senzatie de comfort si caldura. Gasim cateva pop-uri de culoare si putem admira cele 4 scaune Biedermeier pastrate in finisajul natural si cu o tapiterie florala.

Via Alvhem
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