RO: Povestea aceasta este a unei vechi, dar fermecatoare comode caruia i-a fost data o a doua sansa.

Am vrut de ceva timp sa folosesc vopsea neagra mata, dar nu am gasit piesa potrivita. Cand am gasit acesta comoda online nu am fost sigura ce voi face cu ea, dar stiam cu siguranta ca va fi ceva spectaculos. Asadar am cumparat-o fiind sigura ca va avea o transformare deloc subtila. Stiam ca voi folosi negrul, dar nu stiam exact ce voi alege pentru a-i da acel ceva spectaculos.

ENG: The dresser story is the story of an old, yet charming dresser that has been given a second chance.

I’ve been wanting to use black chalk paint for a while, but could not find the right piece of furniture to stand up to the challenge. When I found this dresser online I was not very sure what to do with it, but I knew I loved it. So I bought it. But one thing was sure, I was not going for a subtle makeover. Black was the way to go, but the wow factor was a bit harder to decide for this dresser story.


RO: Am inceput prin a indeparta furnirul si a slefui bine comoda pe toate partile. Odata ce am ajuns la lemn, am inceput pregatirea pentru vopsit.

ENG: I started sanding down the piece and striping the veneer from the doors, sides and top cover. Once I reached the wood I started preparing for the paint.


RO: Pentru factorul wow am ales imitatie de foita de aur si cred ca ii da un aspect inedit. Negrul aduce un contrast frumos texturii aurii. Dupa doua ture de vopsea am obtinut exact textura pe care o doream. Textura aurie am obtinut-o folosind imitatie de foita de aur, pe care am aplicat-o urmand instructiunile producatorului. Toate accesoriile de metal si manerele din lemn le-am cumparat si le-am vopsit in negru si auriu.

ENG: For the wow factor I went with faux gold leaf and I feel that it truly makes a statement, to have a great dresser story. The black chalk paint really contrasts with the gold texture. After two coats I got the look I wanted for this piece. The gold deconstructed pattern is made out of faux gold foil. I applied the faux gold leaf per instructions in a deconstructed pattern. All the metal accessories are new and so are the wood knobs that I painted black.

_dsc0444 _dsc0457

RO: Vopseaua neagra si auriul au un impact in oriscare locuinta, dar soarta a facut ca aceasta piesa sa-si gaseasca locul intr-un nou salon de infrumusetare.

ENG: Black chalk paint and gold are definitely a statement in any house, but this dresser story ended in a beauty salon.

_dsc0426 _dsc0487

RO: Are un stil moder si eclectic, cred eu. Si mai cred si ca am exagerat cu styling-ul, dar cred ca a meritat. Sunt foarte fericita cu rezultatul final! Yeey me!

ENG: It has a modern, eclectic style. I may have exaggerated a bit with the styling, but this piece is worth it. I am so happy with the end result!

With a past behind that we will never know, this dresser story has a brand new future.

Dresser featured on Apartment Therapy

Love, Miruna




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