ENG: This was a dear, but oh so big decorating project for a non-profit, youth NGO named ZURY. Volunteers come from all over Europe to work with disadvantage children or on healthy lifestyle campaigns in Romania. So I had to design an office space to accommodate the volunteers and also the staff, all within a small, tiny budget. So I had to creat an office design on a budget. The brief was to create a fun, yet professional space, a place to work hard and also party hard  socialize with other intercultural friends.
Each room`s color scheme is derived from one of the ZURY`s logo colors – a fun and quirky logo.

RO: Acesta a fost un proiect drag mie, un proiect mare pentru un ONG de tineret denumit ZURY. Voluntari din toate partile Europei vin sa lucreze cu copii dezavantajati si pe campanii pentru un stil de viata sanatos. Asadar a trebuit sa creez un birou pentru a acomoda atat voluntarii cat si membrii organizatiei, totul cu un buget destul de mic. Brief-ul era sa creez un spatiu colorat, dar profesional, un loc unde trebuie sa muncesti cu spor, dar si sa te distrezi alaturi de alti prieteni internationali. Fiecare camera are o schema de culori derivata din logo-ul colorat al organizatiei.

Budget: 500 €

Time frame: 2 months

This is what I have done for the office design on a budget

RO: In prima incapere am construit o zona de coffee break/lunch room.

ENG: In the first room I created a break room for coffee break/lunch room.img_3044 img_3041 img_3063-horz2 img_3068 img_3073-horz

RO: Cea de-a doua camera este spatiul voluntarilor cu o canapea din paleti pentru crafting, discutii sau seri de film. Toate perinitele au fost cusute manual, iar covorul este o patura traditionala romaneasca.
ENG: The second room is the volunteers work space with a pallet couch for crafting, debating, movie nights, etc. The small ottoman is a DIY form a leftover paint bucket.
img_3084-horz3 img_3098 img_3608-horz cats2
RO: Peretele opus serveste ca spatiu de lucru pentru voluntari cu un birou si 3 calculatoare. Pe perete gasim servete traditionale romanesti, dar si obiecte aritzanale africane.

ENG: On the opposite wall is a computer work space for the volunteers. On the wall there are traditional Romanian towels and African artisans work pieces.img_3080 img_3116-horz

RO: Masa de lucru a voluntariilor, impreuna cu canapeaua si cu biroul formeaza 3 zone distincte pentru spatiul de lucru al voluntarilor.
Atat masa cat si 3 dintre scaune au fost cumparate second hand si reconditionate.

ENG: The meeting table for the volunteers and 3 of the chairs are all thrift store finds and restored.
RO: Placi de lemn cu valorile organizatiei, realizate manual.
ENG: DIY wood plates with the NGOs values.
img_3103Scaun reconditionat – detaliu.

Aceasta este a 3-a si ultima incapere, birou angajatilor si a presedintei cu un birou dublu si unul individual.
ENG: This is the 3rd and final room, the staffs office with 2 desks, one double and one individual.cats3 img_3675 img_3669 img_3659 img_3652 img_3644 img_3643 img_3641 img_3637 img_3622

Bucatile ramase din paleti au servit ca suport de dosare.
Leftover pallet parts used as folder holders.cats3 cats2

RO: Biroul individual. Majoritatea obiectelor si a mobilierului a fost fie cumparata second, primita cadou sau colectionata de Andreea, presedinta asociatiei, in diversele ei calatorii. Am reconditionat aproape tot ceea ce se gaseste in acest birou formand multe proiecte frumoasa si piese colorate. A fost un proiect minunat si sper ca va este pe plac. Ce parere aveti despre el?

ENG: The individual desk.Pretty much everything we used was either thrift shopped, gifted by someone or collected by Andreea, the president of ZURY, on her many travels. We repurposed, revamped or DIY mostly everything making up for so many projects and colorful pieces. It was a great project and I hope you like it. Want do you think about our project?

Cu drag, Miruna


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