Dec. 11th. 2015

Arad, RO.

Winter is here, no doubt about it. The cold days, the warm clothes, the endless cups of tea and hot chocolate, the laziness, the joy of days to come – yes – they`re all here to stay. Winter formal, bathroom journal today on the blog.

A beautiful light infused bathroom with crisp white subway tiles and copper accents shows the importance of accessorizing every space in your home. Little details like the tray that offers an organized space for perfumes and storage jars, or the beautiful copper vase and wire basket truly make a statement. If the space allows bring plants into the decor because indoor nature makes the biggest difference. Take bits and pieces that inspire you and transform your own space. That is it for today!

wedding-registry-bathroom-1 wedding-registry-bathroom-3 wedding-registry-bathroom-4 wedding-registry-bathroom-6 wedding-registry-bathroom-7

Sincerely, Miruna ♥

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